I like clarity. I thrive when things are black or white. Shades of grey frustrate me. When I use a salon product on my client, I expect it to be better (alot better) than what they can buy in any other retail location. Seeing my salon brand of choice in

Poolside Prep!

ATTENTION WATER BABIES!  I love the water. Pool…lake…river…ocean…rain…shower…doesn’t matter. Somehow being in water “reboots” me. My skin and hair get roughed up from the sun, salt, hard water etc. so I spend a lot of time moisturizing and detangling to make sure my hair stays smooth and my skin stays

When Gina met Mark……

Canada welcomes Electric London and founder Mark Woolley   Sometimes you just have to go with your gut. The right people told me about this great product out of the London, England (the incubator for modern hairdressing) so I did some research and found that the message seemed simple and in

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