When Gina met Mark……

Canada welcomes Electric London and founder Mark Woolley



Sometimes you just have to go with your gut. The right people told me about this great product out of the London, England (the incubator for modern hairdressing) so I did some research and found that the message seemed simple and in line with my own expectations of a salon product line. Products that work. Exclusive to salons. Education and stylists focused. Independently owned AND operated by a highly successful stylist and salon owner. Not much to ask…..but I hadn’t been able to find it again. The last time was 25 yrs ago when I watch Joico come onto the scene in my late 80’s BIG hair days. (god bless Ice Mist!) 

Once I tried the products and shared the testing with a few key stylists that I trust, the feedback was 100% positive across all products I sampled to them. They used every drop in every bottle. Ummmm rare!

I decided to get on board with the brand based on my impressions. I knew what I wanted to know to align myself with a brand. In Feb of 2018 we launched Electric London Haircare to Canada and founder Mark Woolley (whom I had not yet met in person) flew in for the event.  Press Tours and stylist presentations and trade magazine lunches in the flurry of a Toronto snowstorm and……I have the worst flu I had ever come down with. Mark was here for 3 days launching with my team before I ever met him. Once I was finally well enough to sit at a table I joined Mark for dinner and finally met the person I had invested my future in.  To my relief….he was even better than I imagined. Fun, laid back, passionate, talented and a story teller. I knew that this was not only the right brand for me, I could also see the next 20 years of my life unfolding with each conversation. Kindred spirits to be sure.

As always…..when I go with my gut…..I am never disappointed.

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