Poolside Prep!



I love the water. Pool…lake…river…ocean…rain…shower…doesn’t matter.

Somehow being in water “reboots” me. My skin and hair get roughed up from the sun, salt, hard water etc. so I spend a lot of time moisturizing and detangling to make sure my hair stays smooth and my skin stays soft.

I love a lightweight spray on detangler to help manage my strands. I apply multiple times a day so by the end of the day, my fine hair can feel really greasy and heavy. Definitely not a good look for a romantic sunset walk with my fav guy.

Enter solution!!!!!  This summer I started using @electriclondon_canada, PREP SPRAY. A weightless, fine mist UV protectant and detangler that has the tiniest style memory for pretty beach waves on my poker straight hair. It is impossible to over use as the key ingredients penetrate the cuticle (aka….surface) and the base evaporates as it dries leaving the hair manageable but 100% natural feeling.  The product lasts a couple of swims before I feel I need to reapply and never builds up on the hair.

I love the look of beach hair……but the feel….not so much. This incredible product gives me tousled beach hair that is soft and sexy and touchable!

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