I like clarity. I thrive when things are black or white. Shades of grey frustrate me.

When I use a salon product on my client, I expect it to be better (alot better) than what they can buy in any other retail location. Seeing my salon brand of choice in retail stores is a deal breaker for me. I call those brands….semi-pro.

I have worked alongside some of the top formulating chemists in the world and know more about hair and hair products than is really nessasary for a stylist but never the less…..I know what those big words in the ingredients are and I know the marketing games the corporation play to mislead us to their benefit.

I was so deeply fed up with it, I took a 2 year hiatus from the pro hair world. I can’t think of any stylist I ever met that went to hairstylist school to sell shampoo yet it eclipses the craft of hair dressing itself.

In my humble opinion, salon hair products need to be made in a much more bespoke manner. Mass production is for the masses…not for the high level salon stylists that take the time to create a work of art on each person that sits in their chair.

In my mind, for a product to qualify as an actual bespoke salon line it must meet all of the following criteria,

-Extremely concentrated

-highest quality ingredients available

-Compact line of only essential items that can be mixed to create endless variations

– formulas crafted and tested extensively by masters of hair in real salon environment. (Not in test labs by employees trying to meet growth projections)

-a passionate and skilled leader that is an actively hands on hair guru (that cares what is in the bottle more than most think is reasonable)

– literally only available through a licenced stylist and an salon that retails. (not a retailer that has a chair in back)

While there is a consumer for retail, semi pro and Pro brands I believe the brands you align yourself with reflects the type of stylist you are.

With that in mind, I struggled to find the ideal fit for who I believe I am as a professional hairstylist and artist.

In 2017 a mentor introduced a line to me….and I knew I had found my tribe.

The Electric Hair group and their bespoke line of lux products out of the UK was a perfect fit. SHOP NOW!

Founder of all things Electric, Mark Woolley is the type of stylist and leader that I can draw inspiration from and relate to as a professional and a person.

In my career I have only had one other product guru that I listened to without question. Steve Stefano, founder of Joico. He shaped my young mind as to how a pro brand should be created and evolve. That was over 25 years ago and I am grateful and relieved to once again begin the journey to help create the next top PRO haircare line. SHOP NOW

Electric London Team at FAT (Fashion Art Toronto) Week 2018
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